The most wonderful time of the year November 17, 2015

Is it just me, or does ‘Christmas’ happen earlier and earlier every year? Of course the real date stays the same, but as I was gently mourning the loss of my pitiful Halloween pumpkin attempt on 1st November, Christmas ads were already popping up on the TV. And all over the interwebs, sites were adding twinkly lights to their logos and ‘NEW! SEASONAL!’ tabs to their nav bars.

Across social media, marketing blogs, and even in our office, there’s been a lot of lively debate about who is doing it best so far. The sentimental cinematic masterpiece by John Lewis, or the bright and lively offering from Asda? Lidl’s comic ‘School of Christmas’, or Currys’ equally comic ‘Spare the Act’ campaign led by Jeff Goldblum? It seems like there’s something out there for everyone (Thunderbirds fans - Cadbury have got your backs), and with another 37 days until Santa arrives, there’s bound to be more on the way.

Whether or not you agree with the (overly) early arrival of these Christmas campaigns, there’s no denying that they’re doing their job – they’ve got people thinking about Christmas.

Over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work on some fantastic Christmas campaigns for our clients. From fun Christmas singles for IT companies (yep, really), to animated advent calendars, right through to product films, tutorials, and virals for big clients like Tesco – we’ve been in the Christmas game for a while. The campaign we worked on for Tesco last year was a huge success, with the video hitting 360,000 views in the first week of publishing.

Working for giants like Tesco has shown us how much planning and preparation goes into a nationwide Christmas campaign. They actually have an entire team whose year-round job is to work on Christmas. Content, products, marketing, colours, food, packaging… and of course, the big TV ad and social media campaign.

Of course, not every organisation is as big as Tesco, nor do they have the need for a year-round dedication to the event. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t be thinking about it RIGHT NOW. Christmas campaigns are a perfect opportunity to add some warmth to your brand, whether your organisation is big or small. Why not capitalise on the opportunity to show your lighter side?

With #Christmas already trending daily on Twitter and millions of Christmas content views being tallied up on YouTube, your business could do well to ride the coattails of this buzz and join the club. I’ll stay out of the whole ‘Starbucks Cup’ debacle, but case in point… people are talking. Why not see if you can get them talking about you?

So, 37 days to go. That’s ample time to wheel us in and let us add some sparkle (sorry, couldn’t resist) to your organisation. And if you’ve suddenly come over all warm and festive, then perhaps you might like to see our Tesco film from last year. Santa is in it, and he's got a real beard.

Natalie Onions
Client Services Director


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