5 things you can do NOW to make your video marketing more effective

I’ve recently been running a series of webinars about using video more effectively for marketing (if you’re quick, you can sign up here for the next one).

Episode 1 is summarised below: 5 things you can do NOW to make your B2B video marketing more effective...

1. A solid brief
To have any chance of producing effective video content, you need to start with a good brief. Rather than writing a treatment, concentrate on stating your objectives and let your agency suggest the best approach. To give you ideas on what a good brief should cover, our standard briefing sheet can be downloaded here

2. Your 'secret weapon'
Your ‘secret weapon’ may just be your USP, but there are so many other things that can be used highly effectively in your video content. What is it that you can use that nobody else can? Maybe it’s your product or service that stands out, or maybe it’s something less obvious. How about an employee who’s great on camera, or respected in the industry? Perhaps it’s insight into the audience that nobody else has? Whatever it is, exploit it on video to make your content stand out.

3. A clear, clickable call-to-action (CTA)
In a recent poll we conducted, 72% of marketeers said they placed their CTA at the end of their videos. That’s not the right thing to do. Our analytics, drawn from literally thousands of videos, show that even the best content rarely gets 100% audience retention – so most viewers won’t ever get to see your CTA if it’s at the end. Instead, have it on screen all the time; in most cases you’ll want people to click through even if they don’t watch all of your film.

4. Remove logo-builds
Another poll we ran during a previous webinar showed that many have logo-builds at the start of their videos. This is another common mistake. Data shows that a 5” logo-build (a logo animating or fading onto screen) will cause a significant drop in audience retention (i.e. people will stop watching). Is a logo really needed? Probably not, if the film is on your website anyway. If a logo is required, then keep it short and consider starting the audio (e.g. voiceover, interview etc) before the logo has disappeared from the screen to draw the audience in.

5. Know your audience
Speaking of your audience… do you really know what they want to see? How many times have you asked them? Maybe you’re just making what you or internal stakeholders want, or what you imagine the audience might want. The more you can engage with them and learn about the content they like to see and interact with, the more effective your video marketing will be.

Simon Crofts
Client Services Director

Watch the webinar here: