How do I use video to boost profits?

At our regular hosted breakfast seminars, we often discuss whether video can be used to enhance actual sales, rather than just ‘create a buzz’ or boost brand awareness. Can it deliver real profit for the business?

The good news is yes, it can create sales and reduce costs.

The bad news: it takes some thought and hard work to produce and distribute content that actually works for you.

Video can fit into all parts of the sales cycle, from awareness through to sales and support, and then loyalty – all helping to boost your bottom line.

I have seen plenty of lists that outline how different types of video are perfect for different parts of the sales cycle, but in fact most content can help a customer no matter where they are in their journey. Think of a ‘how-to’ film. Obviously, they can be used effectively to keep a customer who may struggle with a product happy, but they could equally reassure a potential customer thinking of buying a product or service.

Similarly, a brand film might attract new clients, but existing customers will also be happy to see they have chosen the right supplier when they are shown a commitment to CSR, for example.

The point is, video content is hugely powerful, but a bit of lateral thinking should be used at the beginning of any project to make sure you make the most of any content you are planning to produce. Interrogate the brief and consider all the possible uses of your films, even if it means repurposing edits based on the footage you already have (or plan to capture) – a relatively cheap exercise.

Here’s an article our colleagues at Buto wrote about video in the marketing funnel:

Simon Crofts
Client Services Director

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