How to get started with video marketing

The popularity of video marketing continues to rise due to both customer appetite for consuming video content, and the great returns for marketers through improved campaign performance.  

According to recent HubSpot research, 81% of businesses are now using video for marketing. However, that still leaves 19% of marketers who are yet to adopt video within their campaigns.  If you are new to video marketing and not sure where to start, read on...

Before you go anywhere near a video project, it’s advisable to conduct research to ensure your target audience is receptive to video. You should never assume to know your audience, spend some time talking to them before you start. That way, you de-risk the entire project. 

Once you have gathered a unique insight from your audience, you then need to define your objectives and the purpose of your video.  Why are you making it, and what results do you want it to achieve? This will help guide you through the video production process, and is essential in allowing you to measure success. 

With your objectives and purpose defined, you can now turn your attention to how you’re going to make your video. There are several choices:

  • Making it in-house 
  • Hiring a freelance ‘(wo)man and cam’
  • Using a marketing agency
  • Choosing a strategic video agency

There are merits to each of these approaches, depending on the type of video you want to create and the time and resources you have to hand. To help you choose the right route, we’ve created an ebook which delves into the detail of getting started with video. 

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