Internal Communications for breakfast

Last week we were delighted to host our final breakfast meeting of the year in conjunction with Communicate Magazine, and our friends at Buto. The theme of the discussion was video within Internal Communications, and attendees from some major brands joined us at The Anthologist in London,  including M&S, Tata Steel, BBC News, Coca-Cola European Partners and O2 to name a few.

 As always, there was a very lively exchange and guests were very open in sharing their experiences and successes. There was a general consensus around the table that video was working well, and that for many uses ‘employee-generated content’ was proving both cheap and effective – although it was also agreed that professional crews and creative were necessary for more complex projects.

 What was very encouraging was the emphasis on having a very clear objective for any video project, and giving careful consideration to whether video is the right medium for the specific communications challenge at hand. Few attendees had a clearly-defined strategy for video in the coming year, although the group’s overall success with video can perhaps be encapsulated by one attendee suggesting that her strategy is simply to “do more video.” Levels of video activity seemed to fluctuate in line with specific business requirements; for example, for one attendee this meant more proposed activity than normal in 2017 around the arrival of a new leadership team.

 Attendees were keen on the use of analytics for video, although few were really digging deep to discover which specific campaigns had engaged the audience, or indeed failed to make an impact. In the words of one guest: “Sometimes you need analytics to prove what a turkey it is”.

 Thank you to all those who attended and made the event such a success. We hope to conduct more such meetings in 2017, so if you’d like to receive an invitation please click below to be added to our mailing list.


Mark Burgess
Managing Director