Our top 5 video recommendations to help you maximise results

Over the last 15 years we’ve seen a huge amount of video content. And while video production and delivery has changed dramatically over the years, there are still certain aspects which we consider to be as essential for success today as they were back then.

  1. Get straight to the point: With attention spans estimated at under 8 seconds, you’ve no time to waste in getting audience attention before they decide to jump ship.
  2. Message clarity: Be very clear on your message, both in the spoken word (e.g. interviewers, voiceover), and the written word, such as in subtitles and on-screen typography. This will help your videos to achieve their audience objectives - both for those with their sound turned on, and especially for those with it turned off.
  3. Confident presenters: A relaxed and confident presenter not only reflects well on your brand, but also helps the audience engage with your content more effectively.
  4. High quality: Whether it is user-generated content or a professionally produced video, you must ensure high-quality production values; modern audiences expect it, and the technology to achieve it is readily available.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean big budgets: a well thought through and executed plan, along with some basic research, can iron out many of the problems that lead to poor quality video .
  5. Music: Your choice of music has the potential to really enhance the impact of your video. Think carefully about the genre, tempo and relative loudness of music and voice throughout your video. Choose music that’s right for the subject matter, your brand, and the audience; your personal tastes are irrelevant!

Pay particular attention to these key elements and your videos will be on the right track to deliver great engagement and results.