Overcoming compliance challenges for video in finance

At Big Button finance is one of the key verticals that we serve. We choose to specialise in the sector because we’re passionate about the opportunities for great communication, and after many years we have become expert in meeting the needs of our many finance clients. We’ve won awards for our work with asset managers and assurance companies because we’ve been able to create films that stand out, effectively communicate key messages, and satisfy compliance departments.

So how do you create content that is engaging and original, while at the same time passing the strict approval of a compliance team?

It’s a delicate balance that is achieved through research and experience, and every compliance team is different. They have their own interpretation of the rules and a unique attitude to risk, so understanding the team within one of our client organisations takes time and ‘investment’. Talking to them and other key stakeholders in the chain helps us gain an understanding of their approach, and allows us to start thinking about how to ensure we meet their requirements while still achieving the objectives of the project. It’s that research, balanced with an understanding of the sector and the audience, that allows for more effective content that stands out but doesn’t break any rules.

Industries that are traditionally seen as more conservative (sometimes because people have given up trying to create exciting content in case legal teams reject it!) are the very industries in which it's easiest to make an impact. Your audience has a voracious appetite for interesting and exciting video that gets to the point quickly and in an entertaining manner, so don’t allow perceived compliance challenges to deter you from pursuing a creative approach.  

Sam Lewis
Production Director