Big Button launches video strategy webinar series

On Tuesday 21st April, Simon Crofts - Big Button’s Client Services Director - delivered a webinar entitled 5 things you can do NOW to make your B2B video marketing more effective.

Video views are up during the lockdown, so it makes sense to pay attention to your video strategy right away. The webinar was the first in a weekly series of four, so if you’d like to  register for the next event click the link below:

How to make your UGC video… not terrible!

You can also watch Part 1 here:


This week’s event was well attended, with representatives from a range of B2B sectors. The areas Simon covered included:

A solid brief - ensuring that you, the client, don’t write the creative! Concentrate on the right things (objectives etc), and allow your agency can exceed your expectation.

Secret weapon -  a step up from a USP. It might be a person in the organisation who is respected, a new product, a unique perspective. Something to make your content stand out.

CTA (Calls to action) – when do you deploy these? And how many attendees are getting it wrong?! 

Audience – keeping your audience in mind at all times when making content. It’s for them, not internal stakeholders (unless they are the audience!).

Join Simon on Tuesday 28th April at 10.30am for Webinar 2: How to make your UGC video… not terrible!

Webinar 3 is: How to get the most from your video agency without them sending a film crew (Tuesday 5th May, 10.30am)

Webinar 4 is: Putting it all together, a cohesive approach to video marketing without actually filming (Tuesday 12th May, 10.30am)