Up in the air: Big Button now licenced to fly drones

Drones often make the news for being flown dangerously (and illegally), but used safely in the right hands they offer enormous creative potential for film makers. Big Button is delighted to announce that all of its in-house directors are now fully qualified drone pilots.

The Civil Aviation Authority require any company operating a drone for commercial use to have a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation), with each pilot that flies for that company having a UAQ (Unmanned Aircraft Qualification); specialist insurance is also a requirement for the PfCO. Following successful completion of these milestones, Big Button can now offer drone filming in-house.

Simon Crofts, Client Services Director said: “By offering drone filming with our own team we’re able to guarantee the highest standards of safety as well as quality control; our drones will now be flown by film professionals, not just pilots. The PfCO requirements in the UK are some of the toughest in the world, which means we’re also able to fly in many global locations with very little additional paperwork. It’s great news for our clients, as the flexibility and control we can now exercise will make everything seamless.”

Big Button Founder, Mark Burgess added: “If drone filming is not undertaken properly there are obvious safety implications, but there is also huge potential for reputational damage to your brand. There are extremely strict limitations around flying that a good agency should make you aware of, so if you are considering drone filming make sure all the correct planning and paperwork is in place.”