Going Underground for RSSB

As part of Big Button’s ongoing contract with RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board), their work often involves some challenging locations - and getting to see things most others don’t.

Most recently, the Big Button crew was 5 storeys underground in a place that very few have had a chance to glimpse yet – one of the incredible Crossrail stations beneath London – filming for RSSB’s RED programme. Big Button create three episodes of RED each year, and the programme is distributed among drivers and other frontline personnel to help with continuous improvement in safety and awareness.

Client Services Director Simon Crofts said: “A rickety industrial lift took the crew down into the depths and revealed an amazing underground world, with cutting edge technology in every direction. It was a challenging environment to record interviews because of the noise, but we got some great stuff.”

Production Director, Sam Lewis said: “Getting the right equipment down that far, ensuring the safety of cast and crew… and then shooting some great footage! It takes lots of planning, but we’re geared up for these types of production, and safety is always our primary concern.”

To find out what RSSB think of working with Big Button, watch a testimonial video here