Reducing business costs with video

We’ve recently been involved in two global projects that have created impressive ROI just by creating amazing cost efficiencies.

Both projects involved using video to significantly reduce the time employees had to spend in training. The first allowed our client to reduce a full day course - which involved a trainer and lots of kit travelling around the world - into a 30-minute film split into easily digestible (and repeatable) sections. Once embedded on video platform TwentyThree, it meant that the business could see who had watched what (and how much of it), and check the learning points had been understood. The financial savings to the business have been enormous; no travel time or costs for the trainer, no disruptive absences for the global workforce to attend a long session, and a significant reduction in carbon footprint.

The second project was focused on health and safety training, and again the task was to reduce the amount of time that employees needed to invest in order to learn the key messages. With effective use of video we reduced a 2 hour course into a 20-minute animation – one that could be viewed at the learner’s workstation, with no travel required by trainer or trainee, at a flexible time to suit the needs of the individual.

The savings for each client were enormous, as both projects were translated into multiple languages and rolled out globally to very large workforces. It’s an area in which video truly excels, and the increased sophistication in delivery methods and interactivity that are now available mean that employee understanding and engagement can easily be measured.

Sam Lewis
Production Director