What does Facebook's newsfeed update mean for me? 

The much-publicised change in the Facebook algorithm - that chooses what we see in our newsfeeds - created panic when it was first announced. But is it all bad news for business?

Apparently, Mark Zuckerberg has the best intentions. He believes that the greater good is served by nurturing communities, and that includes links between friends and family. He feels that too many posts from business (public posts) interfere with that. Maybe he has a point. We are social animals and our physical communities continue to erode. We should do what we can to develop these — even if it is online.

So, what does that mean for business? Will it affect your video ads on Facebook?


Overall, video will still be prioritised over other content, but as far as organic results are concerned, it's still important that your content is well thought out and engaging. Attempting to artificially increase engagement by overtly asking your audience to engage (like, comment, click) may backfire too, with the algorithm punishing the 'engagement-bait' approach. They are looking for genuine 'meaningful interactions' between your brand and the audience, and within the audience itself. If you get it right, it may actually have a beneficial impact; it will be a less competitive environment.

The interesting thing is that the new rules won't apply to ads. That makes Facebook video ads even more important (and effective) than ever. It's a great opportunity to stand out and earn real engagement with your audience quickly. A cynic may argue that what Facebook has actually done is to force brands to advertise — I am sure Mark Zuckerberg's reasons were legitimate, though!

Don't forget, even though you're paying for an ad, the same principles of creating engaging video apply; you still need to create content that will encourage those 'meaningful interactions' with your audience.

Simon Crofts
Client Services Director


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