7 ways to achieve more with video

So much content and so few views! It’s a common problem – lots of video content being produced without any real strategy to make sure it’s produced for a reason, and is effective. I recently wrote...

by Mark Burgess  |  26 Aug 2015
Samaritans - kind words from the experts in kind words

Last year, we worked with Samaritans creating some films for their Listener Scheme. The scheme provides training for prisoners so that they can then offer a friendly ear to fellow inmates.

by Mark Burgess  |  03 Jul 2015
Everybody loves baking
by Mark Burgess  |  16 Jun 2015
Mad Men, relationships, results


by Mark Burgess  |  14 May 2015
The best video in the world…

What if you aren’t bothered with a strategy or “content marketing”? What if you just want to make the best video in the world?

by Simon Crofts  |  05 Mar 2015
How well does my agency know my business?

Some clients are worried about changing their digital agency or video producer because they feel their current supplier knows them so well.

by Simon Crofts  |  17 Feb 2015
How do I make my digital content relevant and interesting?

Let’s face it, sometimes you have to communicate messages that aren’t particularly exciting. How do you make sure the audience will want to watch that content?

by Simon Crofts  |  26 Jan 2015
How to reach a diverse global audience using video

Video is great. But what if your audience is geographically spread and doesn’t have access to a screen?

Most employees “expect to see video at work” (Melcrum), and for good reason. Remember when...

by Simon Crofts  |  14 Jan 2015
Measuring Results and Changing Behaviour with Video

Ten years ago it was tough to measure results from video. We were producing VHS or DVDs, with the only measurement of success being whether the client liked it or not. You could ask for feedback...

by Simon Crofts  |  26 Nov 2014
Case Study: The Quartz Corp

We have recently completed a series of films for mining specialists The Quartz Corp., filming in Norway and the USA. To read a brief case study about the project, download the PDF here.

by Mark Burgess  |  31 Jul 2014
Lessons to be learnt from your Video Analytics

When it comes to producing video content, keeping track of your analytics is vital. You can learn a lot from even the most basic of analytics. What resonates with your audience? Should your video...

by Simon Crofts  |  24 Apr 2014
Big Button wins a Silver IVCA award!

We are thrilled to have been presented with an IVCA Silver Award in the category of Best Learning & Development Communication for our film ‘Plan for the Weekend', created in partnership with M&C...

by Mark Burgess  |  01 Apr 2014