What makes a good recruitment video?

Video is a powerful recruitment tool, as it’s a great way of showing why you're the right choice for someone’s next career move. However, it needs to reflect the quality and integrity of your brand; ...

by Sam Lewis  |  22 Mar 2018
Why does my agency keep missing deadlines?

I was running a course for digital marketers last month, and one of the attendees mentioned that their video agency constantly missed deadlines. That surprised me, as did the comments from others in...

by Simon Crofts  |  07 Mar 2018
Webinar: how to measure success with video

If you're interested in developing video within your organisation, or are doing so already, the key question is 'How do we know how we're doing? What does success look like?' 

by Mark Burgess  |  02 Mar 2018
What does Facebook's newsfeed update mean for me? 

The much-publicised change in the Facebook algorithm - that chooses what we see in our newsfeeds - created panic when it was first announced. But is it all bad news for business?Apparently, Mark...

by Simon Crofts  |  25 Jan 2018
What does success with video look like?

There are many ways of measuring success with video. Typically, most people focus on the number of views their videos get, or softer metrics such as their colleagues saying they liked it or praise...

by Simon Crofts  |  03 Jan 2018
Should we use a drone in our video?

Once upon a time, flying a radio-controlled (RC) helicopter was hard. It’s why only a handful of hardened RC geeks tried it… including me. Today, flying a drone is significantly easier, so many...

by Simon Crofts  |  19 Dec 2017
How quickly can you produce a video?

Time is of the essence when working on a video project. We are often asked, ‘how quickly can you make us a video?’ and we always do our best to accommodate even the most 'last-minute' requests.

by Sam Lewis  |  07 Dec 2017
How much should I pay for video production?

When speaking to potential clients, the first question I’m usually asked is about the cost of video production. And while I don’t wish to be coy, it’s a tough question to answer without knowing some...

by Sam Lewis  |  01 Dec 2017
Tips for filming with a smartphone Camera technology has changed considerably since I started working in the industry twenty years ago.  One of the most significant changes is the capability of mobile phones to shoot high quality...
by Sam Lewis  |  27 Nov 2017
Should we be using YouTube?
  • YouTube has massive potential but it’s important to understand its limitations.
  • YouTube is an advertising platform. It’s free to publish videos but they will promote other people's content...
by Sam Lewis  |  24 Nov 2017
What exactly are you buying? How results-based video changes everything.

We once lived in a state of blissful ignorance, where the only success metric was ‘does our client like the video we’ve made for them?’ If the answer was yes, we’d duplicate the video in the hundreds...

by Mark Burgess  |  24 May 2017
360 video, and why you should have one. Or not.

360 video has been around for quite a while, but as with anything ‘new-fangled’ it has taken some time to establish itself.

by Mark Burgess  |  10 Apr 2017