5 things you can do NOW to make your video marketing more effective

I’ve recently been running a series of webinars about using video more effectively for marketing (if you’re quick, you can sign up here for the next one).

by Simon Crofts  |  04 May 2020
Now is the time to invest in online learning video content

Trends come and go but learning never goes out of fashion. In the past, teaching yourself new skills involved buying or borrowing books, or paying fees to a school or institution. Nowadays,...

by Sam Lewis  |  16 Apr 2020
When and why to use a strategic video agency

A strategic video agency is a video specialist that provides expertise in creative video and contemporary production techniques, but also adds strategy and delivery expertise to the mix.   

by Mark Burgess  |  17 Mar 2020
How to get started with video marketing

The popularity of video marketing continues to rise due to both customer appetite for consuming video content, and the great returns for marketers through improved campaign performance.  

by Mark Burgess  |  12 Mar 2020
Our top 5 video recommendations to help you maximise results

Over the last 15 years we’ve seen a huge amount of video content. And while video production and delivery has changed dramatically over the years, there are still certain aspects which we consider...

by Mark Burgess  |  19 Feb 2020
The pitfalls to avoid when creating video content

Over the last 15 years we’ve seen it all when it comes to video.  As a result, we’ve been able to put together some useful tips on some of the more common pitfalls.

by Mark Burgess  |  14 Feb 2020
Top 5 video consumption trends to influence your video marketing in 2020

In case you’ve not heard, video marketing is a must in 2020 as our recent blog post explored.

by Mark Burgess  |  22 Jan 2020
7 reasons why video marketing should be central to your 2020 digital strategy

In 2019 85% of businesses used video as a marketing tool1, and it continues to grow in popularity year on year. If done right, video marketing is the strongest content marketing strategy a...

by Mark Burgess  |  15 Jan 2020
Why video 'views' aren’t really important

Things have changed significantly over the last five years, but many are still rating the success (or failure) of their videos based on views.

by Simon Crofts  |  25 Jun 2019
The resurgence of podcasts – the end for video?

With video having made all the headlines in recent years, some may consider podcasts to be a thing of the past – but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

by Simon Crofts  |  25 Apr 2019
Less is more - the 'key message' conundrum

What is most important: a film’s overall objective, or its key messages?

by Simon Crofts  |  21 Mar 2019
Why accessible video matters

One of the more positive current trends in branded video is accessibility. Beyond the worthy principle of making video content inclusive, there are a number of other reasons why adding captions...

by Sam Lewis  |  14 Mar 2019