Taking Your Video Strategy International

Big Button celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, and while we’ve been working internationally since our very first large-scale project (Motorola at CeBit in Hanover, 2004), it’s only in the last...

by Simon Crofts  |  23 May 2023
New Report - How effective is video content marketing?

Is video the most effective form of content marketing?As a strategic video agency, it could certainly be argued that Big Button might be a little biased on this subject 😉 We’ve been preaching about...

by Simon Crofts  |  28 Mar 2023
The Power of B2B Animation

M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E. Animation is memorable, isn’t it. There is something about the form that makes a quick and lasting impact, which is rather useful in the world of marketing and communications.

by Sam Lewis  |  24 Mar 2023
Overcoming compliance challenges for video in finance

At Big Button finance is one of the key verticals that we serve. We choose to specialise in the sector because we’re passionate about the opportunities for great communication, and after many years...

by Sam Lewis  |  06 May 2022
Remembering the ‘why?’

At Big Button we’re lucky enough to work on a huge range of video projects all over the world. The films can take many forms, from simple animation to complex dramas and countless options in between....

by Simon Crofts  |  30 Apr 2022
Producing Video in Safety-Critical Environments

Budget, creative direction and audience engagement are of course hugely important factors when making films, but it’s the health and safety of all those involved with the production that is our...

by Simon Crofts  |  19 Jan 2022
Squeezing more value from video

Producing high quality, effective video content can involve a significant investment, so it’s essential to ensure you get the best results.

by Simon Crofts  |  01 Nov 2021
Should I share my video on YouTube?

Many marketers think that YouTube is the right place to present their videos, but it depends on the objective. YouTube has a large audience, which means that it is easy to get ranked and to have your...

by Jeremy Stinton  |  08 Oct 2021
Video - do you measure up?

Measuring the effectiveness of video is finally becoming a priority for some marketers and communicators, but it’s taken a long time to get to this point - and we’ve still got a long way to go (11%...

by Simon Crofts  |  10 Sep 2021
The Duration Situation: How long should my video be?

An issue that never seems to get resolved in the world of video for marketing and internal comms is that of optimum duration. Lately, the trend has been to create shorter content, with some films...

by Simon Crofts  |  07 Aug 2021
Safe location filming after lockdown

For most of the lockdown period, government guidance has permitted location filming as long as strict guidelines are observed; at Big Button we’ve certainly embraced the new world of film making over...

by Sam Lewis  |  16 Mar 2021
And the winner is...

We’ve been very fortunate lately to have found favour with a number of awards committees, and while it would be inappropriate to list them all here (!) I can say that having your work recognised and...

by Mark Burgess  |  03 Mar 2021