How quickly can you produce a video? December 07, 2017

Time is of the essence when working on a video project. We are often asked, ‘how quickly can you make us a video?’ and we always do our best to accommodate even the most 'last-minute' requests.

How much should I pay for video production? December 01, 2017

When speaking to potential clients, the first question I’m usually asked is about the cost of video production. And while I don’t wish to be coy, it’s a tough question to answer without knowing some important details.

Tips for filming with a smartphone November 27, 2017

Camera technology has changed considerably since I started working in the industry twenty years ago.  One of the most significant changes is the capability of mobile phones to shoot high quality video, including 4K and high frame rates (allowing for super slow-motion).  Does that mean we should all be using them to shoot our own branded content and corporate videos? The short answer is –...

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